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Medical Massage

Manual techniques to tackle your back and neck pain. Our team includes licensed massage therapists in NYC and NJ who contribute to your personalized pain management treatment plan.

About Massage Therapy For Pain Relief

Medical Massage is a non-surgical, manual approach used in Pain Management, especially for back pain and neck pain. Massage is offered at The Spine & Rehab Group’s New York City and New Jersey locations and is often recommended in combination with customized Physical Therapy programs and other non-surgical treatments.

Massage works in more ways than one to promote pain relief and speed up the healing process when performed by a skilled, licensed massage therapist.

Massage therapy can be effective in treating pain by:

  • Promoting blood flow to the joints and muscles
  • Triggering the release of natural hormones such as opioid peptides and endorphins to naturally relieve pain and promote relaxation
  • Manually releasing aches, tightness and stiff muscles
  • Increasing range of motion
  • Providing relief that will lend to a patient’s more successful and speedy Physical Therapy treatment

Pain Conditions Treated With Massage Therapy

Acupuncture used for pain relief can be effective in treating:

Massage Therapy At The Spine & Rehab Group

At The Spine & Rehab Group our Pain Management Specialists utilize a combination of Non-Surgical Treatments to help relieve your pain and speed up the healing process. Medical Massage may be recommended in addition to other treatments, which include Physical Therapy and Acupuncture.

It is important to work with a Licensed Massage Therapist trained in Pain Management. Our Licensed Massage Therapist performs Massage on patients in our Manhattan and New Jersey locations.