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For those patients who spend extensive amounts of time sitting or have incurred recent injury to the tailbone, coccydynia can be an incredibly painful condition. When a patient has developed coccydynia, their tailbone (or coccyx) becomes irritated and creates immense tenderness between the buttocks. Due to this inflammation, intense pain is felt when sitting as well as during sexual intercourse and bowel movements.

Sufferers of this condition should take care as it can be worsened as a result of further sitting or additional trauma. Treatment options for coccydynia range from medications and padded seat cushions, to sacral nerve stimulation and possible surgery.

The Spine & Rehab Group's Coccydynia Pain Specialists

With state-of-the-art approach to pain relief and a team of Board Certified Specialists that truly cares about its patients, The Spine & Rehab Group in our Manhattan and New Jersey locations are highly trained in the diagnosis and treatment of Coccydynia.